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Business Matters Volume 33 Issue 5

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Cannabis Legislation and the Workplace

In October of 2018, the federal governemnt legalized the possession and use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes in Canada. As a result, business owners have been dealing with a changing landscape. This means that they must understand not only the rights of customers but also the rights of their employees.

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Tax Tips & Traps No.128

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

TAX TICKLERS... some quick points to consider...

- The governement of Canada estimates that the difference between the taxes that would be paid if all corporate tax obligations had been fully met, and the tax actually paid and collected in 2014, was between $9.4 and $11.4 billion ($2.7 to $3.5 billion for small and medium enterprises, and $6.7 to $7.9 billion for large corporations).

- In limited cases, employment outside of Canada may entitle taxpayers to employment insurance benefits upon their return to Canada.

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