We may be professional accountants, but for most of our clients, tax is our most important service  area.  We recognize the importance of keeping current - not just with changes made the Federal and Provincial governments, but with strategies developed by leading edge tax lawyers.  We make a substantial commitment to ongoing professional development, and have an ongoing working relationship with a firm of tax specialists.

Taxation is much more than filing annual income tax returns.  Just keeping up with all of changes to reporting requirements, filing deadlines, interest and penalties for all of the returns and remittances, can be overwhelming.  Missing a filing deadline or filing a return or remittance with an obvious error could cost you more than just penalties and interest. Flagging your business for a CRA information request or audit is the next level of potential cost.  Talk to one of our professionals about helping you with filing, or filing the following returns/remittances:

Corporation Income Tax Return
Personal Income Tax Return
T4/T4A/T5 Summary/Slips
GST Returns/Rebates
Trust (Estate) Tax Return
Workers Comp. Return
Payroll Remittances
Charity Return
PST Return

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