Swanson Gryba & Company

Our firm was originally founded by Howard Swanson, CA, in 1982. Having worked with a national firm, as well local firms of varying sizes, for 20 years, Howard felt the time was right to establish his own firm.  He focused on the practices and principles that best met his clients' needs, and the results were both gratifying and demanding.

Howard's top priority was his clients, and he was committed to providing them with personal service.  He knew many of them well, as he believed that was necessary, in order to provide sound, practical advice that worked for them.  In many respects, he treated his clients like family, and it only made sense for Howard to look to his own family, when choosing his future partners.

Garth Swanson, CPA, moved back to his home town, and joined his father's growing firm in 1987.  The following year, Greg Gryba, CPA moved his family to the community, and joined his uncle's firm.  The firm has a history of steady and controlled growth, and serves a wide range of clients, mainly in the local area.  Our name may have changed, to Howard Swanson & Partners in 1991, and Swanson Gryba & Company in 2006, and Howard officially retired in 2009, but we still operate on the same basic principles, as our founder.

Having worked with both national and local accounting firms, we strive to give our clients the best of both worlds.  We believe they appreciate the personal contact and continuity that comes from dealing with a small or medium sized local firm. Our experienced partners and staff, commitment to professional development, and consultation with big firm specialists, when needed, ensures that our clients also get the quality advice they deserve.