Review Engagements

Reviews are a limited assurance level of financial reporting.  Financial institutions with a higher level of credit exposure will often ask a private company for a review engagement report on its  financial statements.  In certain situations such as a possible business sale, for bonding purposes or where an owner is not actively involved in management, a review may be the way to go.   As part of our review, we find out more about your business, which makes it easier to provide you with valuable advice.  Ask one of our professionals whether a review engagement might be appropriate for you. 


 Limited Assurance Services

In addition to reporting as reviewers of financial statements, we have experience providing other review services in a variety of areas, including reports on financial information other than financial statements, reports on compliance with contractual agreements, results of performing specific procedures in certain situations such as the sale of  a business, and Accountants Reports TA-5 to the Law Society of Saskatchewan.

 All professional accountants who perform review engagements are required to maintain their knowledge of professional standards.  Experience in applying that professional knowledge is what adds value


Compilation Engagements

Compilation engagements are a non-assurance reporting option that satisfy the needs of most small business clients.  They provide management with sufficient financial information for making decisions.

 As professional accountants, when performing a review engagement, we are required to maintain our independence.  Independence is not a professional requirement with compilation engagements, which more easily facilitates our involvement as bookkeepers, advisors and advocates, for our clients.  Ask one of our professionals whether a compilation engagement might be appropriate for you. 


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