Greg Gryba, CPA, CA


Greg is a general practitioner with over thirty years of practical experience in public accounting.   After  graduating from the U of S College of Commerce in 1982, he married Dianne, his high school sweetheart, and they made their first home in Saskatoon.  After articling with a national firm, he received  his CA designation in 1982, and worked in both public practice and industry. 

In 1988,  he was asked to join his uncle and cousin in a busy accounting practice, and moved his family to the Battlefords.  He joined Howard Swanson's firm, and was admitted to partnership in 1991.  Greg enjoys working in a full service general practice, providing  accounting, assurance, income tax and advisory services to a wide range of local clients.

As a volunteer, he has served in different capacities with a number of community organizations, including the Battlefords North Stars Hockey Club, Kinsmen Club, Rotary Club, the Children's Wish Foundation and the Dekker Centre for the Performing Arts.

With Greg's occasional assistance, Dianne raised their daughter and two sons.  Their nest has been empty for several years, but between work and their very active lives in the community, they have no trouble filling the days, and nights.  They enjoy frequent trips to Saskatoon to visit their growing family.  They  also cherish their time away, and occasionally escape to a tropical climate, the bright lights of New York or Las Vegas, a northern Saskatchewan lake by canoe, or somewhere new and different.

Q and A

Q. If you could spend the day with anyone alive or dead, who would it be, and why?
A. Turning off the alpha male setting eliminated a list of super models and super jocks, leaving me with Barack Obama. I am not a political activist, but he had that intangible quality, that made me watch, listen and believe.   He was an exemplary and inspirational leader, who was not afraid to use his gifts of intellect and charm.  He always conducted himself with humility and grace, even when the American people doubted him, or blamed him for their failures.  

Spending a day with Barack Obama would be about fun, listening and learning, and feeling inspired to be a better person  I don't believe it is a coincidence Barack shares a birth date and year, with my wife Dianne, who is my everyday inspiration.

Q. If you could have any super power, what would it be, and why?
A. Fly!  I don't really know why.   Maybe it comes from growing up as the shortest kid in school, or maybe I like the idea of being able to observe, and not be noticed.  It would also make our streets safer and more user friendly, as my impatience, offensive driving and other symptoms of road rage would be eliminated.

Q. What do you think is the secret to life?
A. If there was only one "secret" to life, the person who figured it out would be insanely rich, and it wouldn't be a secret.  I think each of us has a different secret, because we are all unique, and we all want something different.  For me, life is about managing our personal energy - my secret would be a formula that helped me expend the least possible energy on trivial things, eliminated things that just don't belong in my life, and saved energy for things that really matter.  For the record, I've got a long way to go on this one.    

Q. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?
A. If this is fantasy and not reality, the answer would be New York.  I will never conceivably have the money to live there, and do all of the things that draw me to New York.  I also won't live that far from where my kids live and work, but why can't my fantasy include enough money to fly all of us back and forth,  for everyday occasions that currently bring us together!

The WHY part is reality based, not fantasy.  New York has every form of entertainment that I love, and it attracts the most talented, creative and intelligent  people in the world. Each day spent in New York has been inspirational, and created memories that just don't seem to fade.   When I need to escape, or need a shot of energy to carry me through the day, a quiet and reflective New York moment often does the trick.

Q. What is one thing that exists today, that you wish didn't exist.
A. A fundamental lack of integrity, which seems to be growing and becoming acceptable, in more areas.  It is more than the polite lies we all tell, to avoid hurting someone's feelings.  It is the malicious, self-serving lies that people use, as a strategy, to get what they want.   It is also their inability or unwillingness to accept responsibility for their own actions.  

In the financial world, It started with shrewd customers, and on the business side, it has spread from the so called travelling salesman, up through the professional ranks. In human relationships, it started with chatter  on the street, and has spread from casual acquaintances, to friends, family, partners and even leaders of nations.  The most powerful nation in the world, has now elected a leader who doesn't appear to be ashamed, or even aware, of his own lack of integrity.

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