Not-For-Profit Organizations

As noted under the Assurance Services area, not-for-profit organizations are often faced with a higher level of financial reporting and compliance.  Although many organizations receive a subsidized fee from their professional accountants, the costs can still be onerous.

Not-For-Profit Organizations also face many unique challenges, including governance and risk management issues.  The volunteers who take on those responsibilities are often dealing with limited financial resources, and can easily fall into the trap of taking on professional level work themselves.

As professional accountants, auditors and business advisors, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle many of your challenges head on, and to refer you to other professionals, when necessary. Designing and implementing accounting and control systems, and ensuring that management has accurate and timely financial information on which to base decisions, are essential, not just to reduce year-end reporting fees, but to allow those in charge to properly manage risk, make decisions and carry out the organization's mandate, in a fiscally responsible manner.

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