Tax Tips & Business Matters


Tax Tips & Traps No. 129

TAX TICKLERS... some quick points to consider...

- The bamount of income an individual can earn without paying tax (basic personal amount) will begin increasing in 2020. In the first year, it will rise to $13,229 (from $12,609 in 2019), and will reach $15,000 in 2023. The benefit will being to be phased out when an individual has earnings of appoximatley $150,000.

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Tax Tips & Traps No.128

TAX TICKLERS... some quick points to consider...

- The governement of Canada estimates that the difference between the taxes that would be paid if all corporate tax obligations had been fully met, and the tax actually paid and collected in 2014, was between $9.4 and $11.4 billion ($2.7 to $3.5 billion for small and medium enterprises, and $6.7 to $7.9 billion for large corporations).

- In limited cases, employment outside of Canada may entitle taxpayers to employment insurance benefits upon their return to Canada.

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Business Matters Volume 33 Issue 5

Cannabis Legislation and the Workplace

In October of 2018, the federal governemnt legalized the possession and use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes in Canada. As a result, business owners have been dealing with a changing landscape. This means that they must understand not only the rights of customers but also the rights of their employees.

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Tax Tips & Traps No.127

TAX TICKLERS... some quick points to consider

- CRA's limited review of corporate tax return projects have a reassessmnet rate of approximatley 40% In the past few years, these projects have focused on areas such as automobile expenses, professional fees, travel, and eligibility for the small business deduction.

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Business Matters Volume 33 Issue 4

Why Should You Care About Your Health Care Spending Account?

Families may not realize that they have a great opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of medical treatments and therapies through a health care spending account (HCSA). These accounts are not well understood and, if available, are typically underutilized due to lack of awareness of how they can help.

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Business Matters Volume 33 Issue 3


Performing Transactions Online: Know What's Happening to Your Data

Online purchasing transaction security is not absolute. There are not really "safe" and "unsafe" options anymore, meaning only alternatives remain that have varying degrees of security. However, understanding how your data is stored and used is an important first step.


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Tax Tips & Traps No.126

TAX TICKLERS... some quick points to consider...

- Guidance from the Government of Canada on the new CPP regime, with a specific focus on the age to start your CPP retirement pension is now available. The website provides commentary on changes commencing in 2019, estimating future receipts, and determining past contributions. It also contains an explanatory video and links to the Canadian Retirement Income Calculator.

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Business Matters Volume 33 Issue 2


Common Financial Guidelines for Planning Your Retirement

Preparing for retirement can be a very stressful experience, with so many factors that you need to consider. How much money will I need to maintain my standard of living? How much will I want to travel? How long will I live? What if I outlive my money?

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Business Matters Volume 33 Issue 1


Tax Changes for 2018/19

Whether you prepare the returns yourself or have them prepared by your CPA, it's almost time for all Canadians to be gathering their paperwork together for their 2018 personal tax returns. So, what changes for 2018 might affect your business? And, what other tax changes are coming into effect in 2019?

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Tax Tips & Traps No.125

TAX TICKLERS... some quick points to consider...

- The annual TFSA contribution limit for 2019 will be increased to $6,000 (from $5,500) due to indexation. For those who have been eligible to build contribution room since inception of the program in 2009 and have never contributed, the total maximum room as of January 1, 2019 is $63,500.

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